For the Persecuted

Father God, what the enemy intended for evil, use for Your Good. Your Glory. Give us strength, Father, in these days. Bless Your
Children. Comfort us in our loss. Cover us in Your Strength. May those members of ISIS repent and come to know You, God. Have mercy on their souls. They do not know what they are doing. Rebuke the enemy behind their evil. Father, I ask this Jesus’ Name. Amen
Your daughter, and bond-slave,

My heart broke watching this video. I could see the CHRISTians singing
songs of Praise to Jesus moments before they were beheaded by cowards behind masks. We couldn’t see the enemy’s face, but none can stay hidden from God, Our Father. There is no mask dark enough or big enough to hide from The Lord. God knows the souls of the enemies and the souls of His Saints.

Please take a moment to remember and pray for these 21 Saints and for ALL those who are persecuted for following Jesus.
Take a moment to read their names and pray for each of their families and friends.
Pray for the CHRISTians in the area to be emboldened and strengthened.


During this season of Lent, please join us in praying for the persecuted Christians every morning.
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About brennaballestero

Hey there! My name is Brenna, but you can call me B! I live in California, and I am luckiest mom of the coolest little boy: Braydon the Barbarian. I love God, my son, and my family and friends.
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