Literally the Only Light in the Darkness


This must remain short to conserve my iPhone’s charge. But check this out: we are in a power outage in our house. The heat turned off. We feel the chill kicking in. All of our fancy emergency nightlight/ flashlights failed us. All were plugged in and all have been used in the past for emergencies.
We reached for them (more like groped around in the dark for them) but they didn’t turn on. The only thing we could light was the one candle on the dining room table. Our Jesus candle. The one thing bringing us comforting light in the cold darkness. It’s the one light we can see.
Check out this flame. I took a picture of it. What shape does that look like to you?



Jesus, thank You for being the Light in the darkness. The Light in our lives, Lord. I am thankful for the reminder that You, are the True Light in our lives that can never be darkened! And if we accept You in to our hearts, then we can be a light to others in the dark world. Father, we love You. Thank You for sending Your One and Only Son to die for us. To send us This Amazing Beacon to guide us. Amen.


About brennaballestero

Hey there! My name is Brenna, but you can call me B! I live in California, and I am luckiest mom of the coolest little boy: Braydon the Barbarian. I love God, my son, and my family and friends.
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One Response to Literally the Only Light in the Darkness

  1. tony says:

    Amen!! Thank you Jesus..

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